Bruce berkowitz details his thesis on bac

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– Details his investment philosophies in his brilliant Bruce Berkowitz • Fairholme Capital Management – Coral Gables, Florida based mutual fund. – Pure stock picker specializes in general long term Documents Similar To Hedge Fund Business Plan.

Skip carousel. Uploaded by. Marius. Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Bruce Berkowitz detailed his investing thesis on Bank of America in a speech given at AAII in is confident with Bank of America and his other positions in AIG and MBIA ().As of March 31, Bruce Berkowitz’s firm Fairholme Capital Management owns more than 92 million share of Bank of America.

His average cost is around $15 a share. He has lost one third of his investment on Bank of America. Since Pierre du Pont was the family's leader at the time and a key figure in a split in the National Labor Board that was about to emerge, a few details on him and his family are in order.

The family's main corporate base was in the DuPont Corporation, which had grown very large during World War I through munitions orders from the government.

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Bruce berkowitz details his thesis on bac
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Bruce Berkowitz Discusses His Financial Investments | Base Hit Investing