Frege logicism thesis

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Logicism and Neologicism

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Russell’s Logicism Kevin C. Klement, University of Massachusetts Amherst [email protected] Draft of March 20, ; do not cite.

1 Introduction Logicism is typically de˝ned as the thesis that mathematics reduces to, or is an ex-tension of, logic. Exactly what “reduces” means here is not always made entirely Frege’s proposed. Logicism a trend in the foundations of mathematics and the philosophy of mathematics whose fundamental thesis is the assertion of the “reducibility of mathematics to logic,” that is, the possibility (and necessity) of defining all primitive mathematical concepts (not definable within the framework of mathematics itself) in terms of “pure” logic.

Thesis: Ueber eine Friedrich Ludwig Gottlob Frege (/ Princeton Univ. Press. — A critical survey of the ongoing rehabilitation of Frege's logicism.

Boolos, George, Logic, Logic, and Logic. MIT Press. — 12 papers on Frege's theorem and the logicist approach to the foundation of arithmetic. For a discussion of Frege‟s thesis of the indefinability of truth see Sluga [].

but by virtue of their possessing a sense. but he goes on saying that “Frege has reasons for rejecting it that are independent of his commitment with logicism and logical objects”. he agrees that the view according to which logic is formal “is.

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Friedrich Ludwig Gottlob Frege (b.d. ) was a German mathematician, logician, and philosopher who worked at the University of Jena. Frege essentially reconceived the discipline of logic by constructing a formal system which, in effect, constituted the first ‘predicate calculus’.

According to Frege’s logicist thesis, every arithmetical concept can be defined in purely logical terms, and every theorem of arithmetic can be proved using only the basic laws of logic. Hence, Kant was wrong to think that our grasp of arithmetical concepts FREGE, KANT, AND THE LOGIC IN LOGICISM.

Frege logicism thesis
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