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Contains abstracts of doctoral dissertations and some masters theses from all accredited U.S. Colleges and Universities. You may search Dissertations and Theses for specific dissertations or by topic. To identify which international universities are included, click advanced search and the school index tab.

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If for some reason you are in need of the old thesis template files, please email [email protected] General LaTeX help; LaTeX Template .zip) - updated January 17, ; Word Thesis Template .docx) - updated August 26, ; If you plan to use the LaTeX template, our office cannot in general provide technical assistance.

Gatech Thesis Lookup. Georgia Tech Theses and Dissertations - SMARTechAll Georgia Tech theses and dissertations are available electronically through this collection, which also contains dissertations from the former Institute of Paper.

Three Minute Thesis (3MT™) is a research communication competition developed by The University of Queensland in Australia in Georgia Tech's first 3MT™ was held in fall The premise of the competition is to develop academic, presentation, and research communication skills.

Theses and dissertations published to the present are openly accessible. Those published prior to are available to the Georgia Tech community only, unless permission to make them openly available has been given by the author (to grant permission to release your work worldwide, contact the SMARTech Team).

Search within this community and its collections: Go All Georgia Tech theses and dissertations are available electronically through this collection, which also contains dissertations from the former Institute of Paper Science and Technology.

Gatech thesis lookup
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