Martina angela sasse thesis

Eliciting and describing users' models of computer systems

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by Anne Adams, Martina Angela Sasse - Communications of the ACM, Many system security departments treat users as a security risk to be controlled.

The general consensus is that most users are careless and unmotivated when it. by Jane Hughes, Angela Sasse - In Proceedings of ICDE World Conference, ReLaTe (Remote Language Teaching over SuperJANET) is a real-time system for small group distance language learning.

It uses ordinary computer workstations and runs over shared packet networks, such as the multicast backbone of the Internet.

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3 GI Jahrestagung 2001: Wien, Österreich - Band 1

80 eells and partals. Vicky Hardman, Martina Angela Sasse, and Isidor Kouvelas.

Eliciting and describing users' models of computer systems

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Martina angela sasse thesis
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