Master thesis international economics jobs

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International Business and Economics (Master’s)

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Norwegian School of Economics

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Please find the work requirements by master programme. Career. The Master Programme in Economics makes you well prepared for highly qualified analytical and investigational work at public authorities and in the public administration, at research institutes, banks and other financial firms, Swedish and international organisations, large firms etc.

Apontamentos sobre a concorrência no Mercosul e possíveis soluções de Antitruste Internacional international appointment about antitruste in mercosul 4 Barbosa Rocha, Raquel Colani. The International Finance Faculty (MFF) provides training for bachelors and masters in the field of preparation "Economics".

Upon completion of the training, students receive a diploma of the state standard of the Finance University under the Government of the Russian Federation, and also have the opportunity to obtain a diploma from one of the prestigious Western partner universities.

The in International Business and Economics (IBE) provides academic excellence in International Management and International Economics. In our. With its 4, employees and 32, students, the University of Graz provides an exciting and varied work environment.

Given our expertise in research and teaching, we are a central institution in Styria. Check out all applicable Master's programs. Career prospects. Because the International Business Administration program is so broad, you have a range of different fields you can pursue a career in, ranging from general management jobs, to the (management of) marketing, corporate finance, accounting, or even HR.

Master thesis international economics jobs
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