Pipelined adc design thesis

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Pipeline Adc Phd Thesis

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Understanding Pipelined ADCs

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Theory Papers

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Understanding Pipelined ADCs: The pipelined analog-to-digital converter (ADC) has become the most popular ADC architecture for sampling rates from a few megasamples per second (Msps) up to Msps+.

Resolutions range from eight bits at the faster sample rates up to 16 bits at the lower rates. Design complexity increases only linearly. This thesis analyzes standard and low voltage design issues for pipelined ADCs and proposes a fully-differential implementation of the OpAmp Reset Switching.

This thesis explores a pipelined ADC design that employs a variety of low- power techniques such as dynamic residue amplification and incomplete settling in a unique way to maximize the speed while maintaining low energy (98 fJ/conv-step). In this thesis, four techniques to reduce power in high speed pipelined ADCs have been proposed.

The first is a capacitor and opamp sharing technique that reduces the load on. In this thesis, two novel accuracy improvement techniques to overcome the accuracy limit set by analog building blocks (opamps and capacitors) in the context of low-voltage and high-speed pipelined ADC design are presented.

Pipelined adc design thesis
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