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Meghan Parker’s comic book thesis is informative and adorable

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Faculty of Education.

Sfu thesis

Dancing to a new tune: unconventional MEd thesis sets stage for new career Edmond Kilpatrick combines artistry and dance in an unconventional MEd video thesis. according to research out of Simon Fraser University, digital games can bring big health benefits to seniors.

Meghan Parker, an SFU grad student, did something really cool when she created her thesis Art Teacher in Process: An Illustrated Exploration of Art, Education, and What Matters. She realized that writing about art wouldn’t work as well as making art about art, and so she made her thesis into a comic book.


The SFU Library thesis template is a Microsoft Word file designed to assist students in preparing theses, projects, and extended essays. The template and instructions redoakpta.com files, and have been tested in Word (Mac), Word (Windows), and Word / (Windows and Mac).

Thesis template instructions The SFU Library thesis template is a Microsoft Word file designed to assist students in preparing theses, projects, and extended essays. The template and instructions redoakpta.com files, and have been tested in Word (Mac), Word (Windows), and.

[email protected] Simon Fraser University University Drive Burnaby, B.C.

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Canada V5A 1S6. Additionally, SFU Library's research data specialists will give instruction on how to preserve and, if appropriate, share research data for future uses.

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The technical part of the workshop will follow, where you will be walked through the resources on the website and the functionality of the thesis template.

Sfu thesis calendar
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