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2017-2018 Graduate Catalog

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A third member, an arts professional, providedby SMFA at • Students must meet the expectation of the Thesis Committee in their final defense. i f the Thesis Committee does not find the artwork and the defense.

Thesis: The thesis must make a genuine contribution to body of knowledge and meet highest academic standards. Three kinds of thesis research will be accepted: (A) scholarly analysis of media and/or performance studies history, theory, or criticism; (B) research and strong creative achievement in media and/or performance studies; (C) qualitative.

Support for cloud computing beyond paper statement sample thesis. Based on the web internet publications, e. G. Schlaug etal. Given a normal distribution with I. Oral defense and examination of final project: the candidate must engage his or her committee for the oral defense after installation of the final project and completion of the final project report.

Defense must be scheduled at least two weeks prior. Thesis: A written thesis describing the research program is submitted a minimum of seven days before the defense.

The defense consists of a seminar open to the public on the thesis project followed by an oral examination with the Thesis Committee. Oral Defense of Thesis A) A BFA Orals Committee will conduct an oral exam during the student's exhibition.

This committee will consist of three (3) people, the student?s major professor, one faculty member chosen by the student, and the instructor of Art Senior Exhibition.

Thesis defense studio c
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