Thesis on turbo encoder using fpga

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Thesis on turbo encoder using fpga

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M.Tech-ECE-VLSI 2018-2019

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Structured LDPC Codes: FPGA Implementation and Analysis

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designing the Turbo Encoder and Decoder. Turbo coding technique consists essentially of a parallel concatenation of two binary convolution codes, decoded by an iterative decoding algorithm. VLSI Architectures of Turbo Decoder Thesis submitted in the partial fulfillment of requirement for the award of degree of Turbo encoder 7 Recursive Systematic Convolutional (RSC) Encoder 8 Synthesis Results on FPGA 36 Analysis of Synthesis Results 37 Area Consumption fpga implementation of soft output viterbi algorithm using memoryless before transmission through noisy or error-prone communication channels to information from one end of the system at a rate and a level of reliability and.

In this thesis, I investigate various FPGA design techniques to minimize dynamic power consumed by an FPGA design. The objective of this research is to minimize the power drawn by a design without altering its functionality and with minimal or no impact on its timing.

A prototype for the new turbo codec (encoder/decoder) system is implemented on a Xilinx XC2V FPGA chip; then the FPGA is tested using the CMC Rapid Prototyping Platform (RPP).

The test proves correct functionality of the turbo codec implementation, and hence feasibility of the proposed turbo. The invention of turbo codes in was a key step in the year effort to design good coding schemes achieving the Shannon capacity. Since then, other coding schemes with similar performance, such as Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) codes and turbo product codes, have been re-discovered or invented.

Thesis on turbo encoder using fpga
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