University of toronto thesis defense

Producing Your Thesis

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Ph.D. Thesis & Oral Defense

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MI Thesis Option

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The Qualifying Examination is based on a defense of the scientific and experimental aspects of the thesis project before a committee. The deadline to hold the exam and a retake, if necessary, is 24 months for the full-time program and 32 months for the flex-time program. Faculty of Medicine University of Toronto.

GUIDELINES FOR DEFENSE OF MASTER’S THESES. Updated August TABLE OF CONTENTS Conduct of Thesis Defense, and 4) have a Summary Report prepared for use at the Faculty of Medicine University of Toronto. Planning for the thesis defense should take into account the School of Graduate Studies deadlines for convocation and fees.

Approximate deadlines for defense are March 31, June 30, and December In order to arrange for a defense, the thesis must be ready at least six weeks prior to these dates. • the thesis has been approved to go forward to an oral defense; • the Graduate Program Administrator has received the permission-to-write date, Thesis Approval Form and an Exam Request Form signed by both the student and his/her supervisor; • and the Graduate Program Administrator has received an electronic version of the thesis abstract.

The Appraiser: For the purposes of the defense, the Appraiser of the thesis should be an expert on the subject of the thesis and, normally, will be an Assistant, Associate or Full Professor at the University of Toronto.

In nominating someone as Appraiser for a thesis, the Supervisor must certify to the Graduate Coordinator that the. PhD Thesis Defense Guidelines – There are two final examinations for a PhD student: the PhD Departmental Oral Examination (which may be waived) and the PhD Final Oral Examination.

Contact redoakpta.comence[at] if you have questions about the PhD.

University of toronto thesis defense
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Biochemistry, University of Toronto – Thesis & Oral Defense